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Auryn – Make My Day (2013) [1080p]

Video: AVC / 28.6 Mbps / 1920×1080/25p (16/9)
Audio: AAC 2.0 / 192 Kbps / 48.0 KHz


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11 Responses to “Auryn – Make My Day (2013) [1080p]”

  1. arash says:

    hi admin
    plz to upload tnx

  2. mvhappyfan says:

    admin, use or

  3. admin says:

    how to register on Rusfolder?
    i creat a account on,i try ftp upload,not fast:(

    • mvhappyfan says:

      use button “зарегистрируйтесь” at the rusfolder. if you cant see it, turn off adblock. But know, rusfolder have limit 500 mb per file & 5 gb space per user. fileplaneta is much better, and you have slow speeds because the server located at another end of the world (if you from us). Download speed from fileplaneta is awesome – up to 1Gbps for free users, yes, ukrainians & russians have this speeds at home 😉 but usually speeds reach 1-2MByte per sec.

      p.s. 1 gbit internet connection in ukraine costs only 20$!!!

      • admin says:

        i test again,upload speed only xxxk/s:(
        20$?it is very cheap,i want move to the ukraine:D

        • mvhappyfan says:

          average revenue in ukraine is ~300$ in big cities. my revenue – 180$. And 20$ painfully beat my pocket. btw, we have expensive russian gas and gasoline.

        • mvhappyfan says:

          but internet connections in ukraine is pretty good, we have ua-ix – traffic exchange point, something like a big local network, covering the whole country. our isp’s provides unlimited speeds inside ua-ix => 100 Mbps download speed in torrents is regular thing. speed limited only by ethernet standard

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